Toy Workshop

We meet at 8:00am the fourth Friday of the month at Rockler Woodworking.

Our next Toy Workshop is at 8:00am:
Friday, September 27th

Rockler Woodworking
1955 N. Tustin,
Orange, CA 92865 [Map]
(714) 282-1157

Toy Puzzle

May 2019 - Photos and report by Gary Tennison

The May toy workshop went very well. As usual, it was held at Rockler, courtesy of Michael Yukihiro. There was much to do and we got many toys through the process of sanding, routing, mopping, dipping and wheel assembly. Our core of regular attendees included Erwin Bragg, Dan Cornwell, Jim Graham, Bert Halter, Patrick Heilman, John Howe, Mike Johnson, Jim Steele, Linda Tadlock, Jerry Delmore, and Mike Morand.

Our regular contributors Don Borchardt, Allan Carter, Dave Coulter, Devon Day, Dan Frembling, Ken Huffman, Jim Stramer, and Jack Van Wingerden were missing due to vacation, health reasons, and other commitments.

I also want to thank many of the behind the scenes contributors like Dan, and Jerry (Franich) for his puzzle kits, Mike for his animal templates, Jim Graham for his car cutting and all others (you know who you are) for contributing their time, skills and patience in making toys for the needy children or Orange County.

I also want to recognize Jerry Delmore for acquiring, transporting and storing our equipment and toys to and from Rockler and for his setup and cleanup efforts. And, thanks to Larry Olson for providing storage for our toys and wood.

  • Erwin Bragg
    Erwin Bragg
  • Dan Cornwell
    Dan Cornwell
  • Jerry Delmore
    Jerry Delmore
    Toy Committee
  • Jim Graham
    Jim Graham
  • Bert Halter
    Bert Halter
  • Patrick Heilman
    Patrick Heilman
  • John Howe
    John Howe
  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson
  • Jim Steele
    Jim Steele
  • Linda Tadlock
    Linda Tadlock
  • Gary Tennison
    Gary Tennison
    Toy Committee

About the Toy Program

Toy Cayron Truck

O.C.S.S.A. is a group of men and women of all ages who have a common interest in the hobby of scroll-sawing and get together  monthly to share our knowledge, skills and ideas with each other.  We are very proud of the fact that our most important objective is to make and donate toys to sick, underprivileged and/or abused children.

Dog Puzzles

Many of the toys are made by the members in their shops at home. Workshops are also held to complete the unfinished items.  At Christmastime the toys are then boxed and delivered to various organizations including Orangewood Children's Home, U.C.I. Medical Center, C.H.O.C. and Halcyon House.  In 2004, approximately 550 toys were donated to nine organizations which also included a military facility in Iraq, as well as to a shelter in San Bernardino that housed the people that were evacuated from the major fires there.  In 2005, 302 toys had been shipped to an evacuation location in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina.

Alphabet Puzzle

In 2006, we finished approximately 400 toys. They were boxed up and made ready for distribution during the first week of December and then passed out to various organizations who work with children. A big thank you goes out to all who helped with this project over the past year.

In 2007, over 900 toys were made and given away to various organizations.