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Monthly Toy Workshop

Our April Toy Workshop has been canceled

We will post information about the status of future Toy Workshops as it becomes available

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Toy Program Update - April 2021 by Gary Tennison & Jerry Delmore+

From Gary Tennison:

There is a small core of people who are working on toys. We can use help sanding and mopping.

Go by Larry Olson’s to check out a box of toys. There is a sign out sheet in the shed and a progress sheet on each box, so you know what the next step is.

Please sign out the box when you take it and sign it back in when you return. This will help the Toy Program Committee know where things are in the process.

From Jerry Delmore:

As of our June elections I will not continue on as a co-organizer of the toy program.

Gary is now looking for a replacement for me. So if you want to get involved more in the toy program, please give Gary a call.

Gary has his hands full with the production of all the toys. Please arrange with Larry Olson to pickup a box or two of toy parts and help the program.

Since the membership coordinator position is now open, I have volunteered to assume that position. If you have any ideas to increase our membership, please let me know.

Jerry Delmore (

About the Toy Program

Toy Cayron Truck

O.C.S.S.A. is a group of men and women of all ages who have a common interest in the hobby of scroll-sawing and get together  monthly to share our knowledge, skills and ideas with each other.  We are very proud of the fact that our most important objective is to make and donate toys to sick, underprivileged and/or abused children.

Dog Puzzles

Many of the toys are made by the members in their shops at home. Workshops are also held to complete the unfinished items.  At Christmastime the toys are then boxed and delivered to various organizations including Orangewood Children's Home, U.C.I. Medical Center, C.H.O.C. and Halcyon House.  In 2004, approximately 550 toys were donated to nine organizations which also included a military facility in Iraq, as well as to a shelter in San Bernardino that housed the people that were evacuated from the major fires there.  In 2005, 302 toys had been shipped to an evacuation location in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina.

Alphabet Puzzle

Our toy program has continued to thrive over the years. During 2017 and 2018 we produced 3700 and 3200 toys respectively. We also produced over 300 artistic puzzles for children to enjoy, many are displayed in the slideshows you can access with the buttons above.

Thanks to our partners who contibuted wood, also to the talented work and time of our members and to our four talented painting groups.